Australian PCI DSS project observations, tips and insights.

The PCI Security Standards Council has released some valuable information in relation to what’s new with compliance in 2016 – interestingly, things are changing. As the latest PCI DSS version 3.2 is due to be released soon, you’ll be wanting to Read More

cost of cybercrime 2015

Financial Cost Of Data Breaches On Affected Companies In Australia 2015

Cybercrime continues to rise across the globe and Australian organisations have so far been somewhat complacent about the impact of a data breach. With the mandatory breach notification law still on the government’s agenda, organisations in Australia should be thinking about Read More

How to survive a data breach

How to survive a data breach In the past two years, LinkedIn, eHarmony, Twitter, Adobe and, most recently, Target have suffered data breaches that together exposed more than 120 million accounts. Moreover, the companies who fall victim to these breaches always Read More

Cost of data breach report (with Australian Statistics)

Ponemon Institute 2013 Cost of Data Breach report The 2013 Cost of Data Breach report published by the Ponemon Institute (sponsored by Symantec) reveals some interesting and valuable insight into the real-life cost when a data breach occurs. The 2013 Cost Read More

The benefits of mandatory data breach notification laws in Australia

Mandatory data breach notification laws would result in greater security for Australians and improved protection of their sensitiveinformation. And it’s what Australian consumers want. Public concern about data breaches, online privacy and identity fraud is on the rise and Australians are Read More

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