The benefits and costs associated with IP Solutions AgentSecure credit card DTMF filtering are numerous, but they all lead to the same conclusion: they ensure that you have the right contact centre processes in place are you are guaranteed that your payment security will improve and that PCI DSS compliance will be is a cinch, the first time and every year thereafter.

The AgentSecure credit card DTMF filtering service is also cost effective for call centres who are dealing with the complex web of being PCI DSS compliant. That’s because the process is fast, easy to deploy and the call time may be reduced thereby making it even more economical. Most importantly, the agent no longer sees, hears or processes customers’ sensitive credit card data.

Our team can remove agents and systems from PCI DSS compliance’s scope. It works like this: while the customer is on the line, they tap in their credit card details into their phone keypad when prompted. The transaction is shown on the agent’s screen as masked data, so they know how the customer is getting on. But, the cardholder data never enters the contact centre environment.

So this means the agent is in touch with the customer in case they have any questions, but never comes into contact with the sensitive payment card data.

Plus, the cloud based service allows for contact centre agents to securely process credit card payments in real time without being exposed to credit card data. So all payment processing takes place outside your contact centre. Our cloud platform can also save you money on call recordings, storage and speech analytics as we’ve got cost-effective software as a service solutions for that too. Critically existing call recording technology does not need to be replaced as verbalized credit card data is removed from the process and as such removed from existing call recording processes.

As you may be aware, contact centre compliance costs continue to rise in Australia due in part to the mandatory compliance with the latest version of the PCI DSS standards, However, the AgentSecure service can help reduce those costs by providing a more efficient, customer friendly and cost effective  model.

It’s reassuring to realise that the era when contact centres may feel on the outer in relation to attaining PCI DSS compliance is over. It’s valuable for your organisation to understand what’s required of compliance, but our team takes the complications out of the process. Our team knows what’s required and how to make it an effortless transition – and in so doing an excellent business decision on your part. Congratulations!

Download a copy of this free eBook called Securing Contact Centre Payments here.

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