If you’re a call centre and you’ve examined the PCI DSS security standards and the lengthy and complex steps needed to achieve compliance, it’s tempting to want to avoid the whole issue. But do you know how to achieve this and be PCI DSS compliant the easy way?

While it’s worth your while to know what’s involved, it doesn’t have to be a complex, convoluted and confusing process. A lot has happened in recent years to make compliance for call centres far easier, thanks in no small measure to new technology and services available by expert teams like ours.

Contact centres need to look at what system and processes they have in place and ask themselves whether it’s potentially antiquated and needs updating. Do they need to consider more secure, customer-centric processing solutions which improve payment security, while opening the potential to enhance customer service, cash flow and average call handling times?

The evolution of cloud based services is now making PCI DSS compliance in the call center so much easier, card data can now be processed via Level 1 PCI DSS certified platforms within Australia. Our services address PCI compliance, privacy compliance, data sovereignty, cloud & on premise requirements.  Services allow contact centre agents to securely process credit card payments in real time without being exposed to credit card data, the previously held belief that agents need to hear credit card details to process payments and service customers is no longer valid. In addition to which the customer service agent can service the customer throughout the call, ensuring the highest levels of customer service are maintained, success rates are maximized and callers have the peace of mind that their data is protected with the latest security.

For complete security, our service will complete the transaction with your existing payment service provider and simply make your agent track and confirm the result. All payment processing occurs outside of your contact centre, protecting your enterprise from sensitive financial data.  Our highly secure cloud platform gives you lots of extra benefits over more traditional services.

We can also cost-effectively connect with any telephone provider, making it easy to set up and manage. As it’s all in the cloud, you won’t have to rely on costly on-premise or inflexible solutions to do a job they’re not made for. In addition to which hybrid on premise capabilities are available to facilitate on premise routing of calls.

The service has been independently certified as Level 1 PCI DSS compliant, with Australian data sovereignty with international capability.

To discuss security and potential improvements to your contact center operations please call us on 1300 975 630 or download our eBook on securing the contact center here.

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