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“We found that the IP Solutions team were most engaged throughout the process – it was a true partnership. The team was most responsive to any requests and played a large part in our prompt solution delivery.” – Optus

“Encryption did not meet all our needs. Descoping our call centre was so seamless that clients would not even know we’ve done it. Really proud of what we achieved.” – Virgin Mobile

“Additional 42 million in cash flow within the first year” – 20thCentury Fox

“This solution delivered postage savings of 85% with a reduction in DSO’s from 87 to 45” –  PBL

“Using a secure connection over the Internet rather than fixed links has reduced network costs to small sites by approximately 75 per cent.” – Fonterra

“The system was plug and play. With all the devices preconfigured, we just had to plug them in on-site, and they were all set.” – Fix Convenience Stores

PCI DSS: IP Solutions Executive Breakfast – How To Reduce The Cost, Risk and Complexity

“Very Informative, relative to current market conditions” – AON

“Very valuable and informative sessions” – Optus

“Excellent facilities, knowledge and relevance”, “Panel very knowledgeable” – Telstra

“Good information and perspective on compliance versus risk management” – IAG

“Overall very good” – Ausgrid

“Very beneficial, with practical examples and useful insights” – Dimension Data

“Excellent content, valuable and very informative” – Telstra

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