The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance journey can be an onerous and challenging one. Client quickly realise that PCI DSS compliance touches many parts of their business, IT, Finance, Marketing, HR & Sales.

IP Solutions understands this journey and the role that individual departments play when navigating through a successful PCI DSS compliance project.

Our focus is to work with organisations in conjunction with our partners to deliver solutions which secure most if not all of a client’s credit card data. Our aim is to have our clients achieve PCI DSS compliance and more importantly maintain PCI DSS compliance in the most effective manner possible. All of our solutions are pre-certified Level 1 PCI DSS compliant and as such we are able to provide clients with the peace of mind that their systems and customer data are safe, managed by industry experts, and flexible enough to ensure that individual business requirements can be met in accordance with the security standards.

The IP Solutions philosophy is simple; understand the needs and objectives of our clients, while leveraging our specialist experience, insights, skills and resources to deliver solutions which exceed expectations.

We provide Level 1 PCI DSS certified cloud based services, card storage, tokenisation and payment solutions, network security, IVR, mobile device, contact centre and credit card data discovery solutions. The company’s products and services help clients reduce the costs, risks and lead times associated with achieving and maintaining PCI DSS compliance. And has helped some of Australia’s largest merchants to achieve and maintain compliance.

When planning and going through a PCI DSS project, many organisations are not aware of the additional benefits that can be achieved. Organisations have legacy based systems/applications and processes which represent their own set of challenges. PCI DSS compliance projects represent an opportunity to significantly improve existing systems and processes. IP Solutions enables organizations to leverage more advanced ecommerce solutions to deliver improvements such as improved cash flow, customer service, staff productivity and governance.

Via strategic partnerships with international award winning vendors in each of the key areas associated with PCI DSS compliance, IP Solutions offers a unique network of over one hundred and twenty personnel specialising in de-scoping and reducing the costs associated with security compliance.

Clients are able to leverage proven technology which has been tried and tested by thousands of business, including major banks and fortune 500 corporations.

IP Solutions assists clients throughout the entire PCI DSS lifecycle, from credit card data discovery through to de-scoping, specialist outsourcing and compliance maintenance via a range of pre-certified PCI DSS solutions.

We believe that no other company is able to offer the same experience, expertise and solution depth within the area of PCI DSS compliance.

Please contact us to discuss your eCommerce or PCI DSS compliance requirements.

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