The payments platform has been customised to meet the mobility needs of clients across a number of verticals from telecommunications, retail/fast food to the insurance sector to name but a few.

The company’s background in security and customised corporate payment solutions has enabled delivery of costs effective mobile device based solutions which have been tailored to meet the unique needs of individual clients.


  • Tokenisation & Payment iFrames which are rendered to suit specific mobile devices.
  • Customised web services which are PCI DSS compliant and flexible enough to interoperate across multiple device types.
  • Mobile based customer portals which enable customers to pay from registered credit card, debit card or bank accounts without the need to enter sensitive financial information via the mobile device, thereby reducing the PCI DSS scope within the workflow.

The key benefit of this technology is the ability to maintain high levels of innovation and customer interaction without a corresponding loss in security. All too often companies take the short term approach of locking down their systems to try and achieve PCI DSS compliance, losing sight of the fact that the underlying payments platform needs to maintain flexibility to grow and evolve as business requirements change.

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