The PCI DSS compliance landscape continues to evolve and it is clear from our work in Australia over the past eight years that many companies continue to underestimate the cost, scope and lead time associated with achieving and maintaining PCI DSS Compliance.

Many companies lack the specialist skills and experience required to coordinate and manage interdisciplinary projects of this kind as they encapsulate process reengineering, third party interfaces, bank processing, data storage and security, audit and compliance, governance, customer support, cash flow and financial processes to name but a few.  

But knowing exactly where to start can be tricky. That’s where our Professional Services Consulting can assist.

Based on first-class expertise, our team can help you maximise business security investments. We help you to protect information assets against increasingly complex security breaches and threats by balancing your risk profile and business needs with security spend to ensure a more favourable balance between costs and benefits

We consult on the end to end PCI DSS compliance process, focusing on practical cost effective ways to remediate complex environments, focusing on de-scoping the cost and burden associated with PCI DSS compliance as much as possible for clients. Our products and services help clients reduce the costs, risks and lead times associated with achieving and maintaining security compliance while streamlining operations, improving cash flow and protecting your brand.

Our specialists analyse the vulnerability of your payment and business security. Then, depending on your needs, they recommend the appropriate solution and overall strategy for your specific environment.

We offer comprehensive consulting and professional services that help organisations to define security strategies and implement solutions to mitigate risk, ensure compliance, and accelerate achievement of business objectives.

IP Solutions Professional Services uses a proven services methodology we call the Review, Analyse and Design phase (RAD). IP Solutions view this process as key in the success of the project, as it ensures all components of a PCI DSS project are taken into consideration and encapsulated within the consultation process.

The RAD engagement lays a clear foundation for the project, aligns expectations and ensures all of the key security considerations are addressed as part of the deliverables. This is a critical component and ensures your business objectives are achieved.

The Review, Analysis and Design process addresses:

  • Review of end to end payment and security processes
  • Identifying areas of improvement, security and business considerations
  • Assess solution alternatives
  • Solution recommendation

Our Professional Services Consultants apply this same meticulous thinking to all Payments Projects as well. As a specialist provider of customised corporate payment solutions, we also offer consultancy services which focus on streamlining existing payment and accounts receivables processes. Payment Process Reviews (PPR’s) can offer significant business benefits to organisations over and the above our core PCI DSS security benefits.

Payment Process Reviews focus on:

  • Accelerated invoicing
  • Improved cash flow
  • Improved customer service
  • Increased staff productivity
  • Enhanced reporting and governance
  • Reduced operating costs (particularly administration, reconciliation and support)

Our Professional Services Consultants help you maximise the benefits and return on value from your investment in IP Solutions products and services. It’s just another way we protect your brand, your customers and your cash flow.

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