Looking for secure Level 1 PCI DSS secure credit card data storage in Australia?

Tokenisation is the simplest and most effective way of minimising your PCI DSS compliance burden

Tokenisation is the storage of card numbers within IP Solution’s Level 1 PCI DSS certified cloud service which incorporates replacement of card numbers in your systems with non-financially sensitive tokens. This process allows your systems to continue to operate as though you had the original card number, while significantly reducing your PCI DSS compliance requirements.

With traditional encryption, when a database or application needs to store sensitive data, those values are encrypted and the resulting cipher text is returned to the original location. With tokenisation, a token is returned and stored in place of the original data. The token is a reference to the original data, which is stored in a highly secure, fully redundant and security certified vault. Tokens can be safely used by any file, application, database, or backup medium throughout the organisation, minimising the risk of exposing the actual sensitive data, and allowing business and analytical applications to work without modification.

Organisations that must meet the requirements of PCI DSS are increasingly embracing the compliance benefits of tokenization. The tokenisation process is simple:

  • IP Solutions provides secure payment channels to accept and authorise credit card payments.
  • The credit card data is replaced with a unique set of randomised numbers (token) and stored in PCI DSS compliant data storage.
  • Original data is deleted from the merchant’s database and the token is stored in its place.
  • Any further transactions are transmitted using the token.

IP Solutions provide merchants a fully compliant Level 1 Hosted Payment and Tokenisation Facility with a customised, rapidly-deployed, secure and scalable e-commerce solution for accepting credit card payments for bills, rates or invoices. IP Solutions tokenisation services are also used to securely store and process payments from bank accounts (BSB & Account details), store Personal Identifiable Information (PII) such as ABNs, drivers licences, contact details etc.

The IP Solutions Payment and Tokenisation Facility provide businesses with the potential to:

  • Remove financially sensitive credit card data from their systems
  • Dynamically create non-financial sensitive tokens / customer records
  • Dynamically return tokens for storage within back office systems
  • Tokenise historical credit card data via data upload and conversion modules
  • Utilise a PCI compliant managed service via existing tried and tested infrastructure
  • Minimise impact/reworking of existing applications and associated business processes
  • Benefit from a robust fault tolerant platform which leverages market leading e-Commerce technology with redundancy across tier one data centres
  • Ensure customer data ownership is retained by clients
  • Ensure compliance with Australia’s emerging privacy legislation
  • Ensure secure storage of customer data within Australia

We can support tokenisation and payment processing via multiple channels and services:

  • Web
  • IVR
  • Batch Processing
  • Bulk tokenisation of historically stored data
  • Secure card storage
  • Recurring Payment Schedules
  • Mobile Devices
  • API’s
  • Through to credit card decryption and back end bank processing

How we do it?

The IP Solutions team has extensive experience helping clients achieve PCI compliance in a cost-effective and risk-focused manner. We work with clients to design and implement flexible customised solutions to reduce their PCI compliance scope, compliance costs, risks, and operational costs, while increasing data security and associated controls.

Working with award winning technology and a highly experienced team we have:

  • the ability to expedite the compliance process while offering the broader business benefits associated with advanced eCommerce, namely reduced collection costs, improved cash flow and enhanced customer service.
  • the ability to leverage an extremely flexible award winning Level 1 PCI DSS compliant platform
  • a history of delivering high-end PCI compliant solutions. Clients already using this technology include Fitness First, St George Bank, ANS, National Bank NS, Cadburys Schweppes, News Corp, Westfield, IAG, Aon, L’Oreal Professional, Ray White Group and Proctor & Gamble.
  • unique experience in managing complex corporate engagements. We understand that every customer has a unique set of processes and procedures, we are unique in our ability to customise our service offerings to meet your exact business needs.
  • a market leading Dynamic Transaction Switch (DTS) that is hosted locally and connected to all of the major banks in Australia, New Zealand and overseas.

IP Solutions tokenisation capabilities have been tried and tested by Australia’s largest corporations, are extremely advanced and flexible enough to meet the unique needs of individual clients. If you see the possibilities why not contact us.

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