Imagine combining hardware and software on a 100% PCI DSS Compliant Network Management Service that is available anytime, anywhere, via a cloud based central management system. The MerchantSecure Network Security, Management, & Productivity Solution makes that dream a reality.

It helps you achieve optimal business performance, increased staff productivity, comprehensive security of sensitive data and control of your Internet connection in one simple, cost effective solution.

MerchantSecure is designed specifically to drive down costs, enhance security and increase productivity for businesses of all sizes. The service actively guards your network and valuable assets from damage and costly network intrusions.

Today cyber security threats are increasing as quickly as businesses can implement measures against them. At the same time, businesses must embrace an explosion of new technologies and find ways to handle and protect huge volumes of sensitive data. The combination of business and IT transformation, compliance and governance demands and the onslaught of security threats continues to drain companies of resources, time and money. MerchantSecure addresses these issues by delivering a solution that reduces costs, enhances security and improves productivity for any business. And is ideally suited to retail chains, franchisors, the hospitality industry, kiosks, ATM’s and any businesses with branch offices.

Benefits of choosing the MerchantSecure Service:

  • All services are delivered via the cloud, providing anytime, anywhere access via a Central Management System (CMS).
  • Locks down the payment network against all of the most common forms of network tampering, including EFTPOS terminal replacement and external hackers.
  • Minimal investment gives small to medium businesses access to enterprise grade network security, management and productivity tools.
  • A true plug and play solution means there is no costly technical know-how required and new locations can be rapidly deployed throughout Australia and overseas.
  • Real-time monitoring and notification of potential network issues 24×7 remotely via the alerting module.
  • Perform network administration and configuration from anywhere in the world. All you need is an Internet connection and a web browser, saving you time and money in unnecessary visits to sites. While reducing the costs associated with expensive engineers.
  • There’s no easier way to setup secure Virtual Private Networks, all it takes is three easy clicks for administrators to securely connect network locations and to permit one- or two-way traffic, all without requiring a costly a static IP addresses.
  • Maintain network connections by automatically switching to high-speed mobile data if fixed-line networks go down, means you never miss a sale again.
  • Automatically download and apply the latest security software to keep your business protected, you don’t need to do anything, just set and forget.
  • Content filtering allows you to set limits on the types of websites that can be accessed from your network by employees. Get detailed information online anytime about Internet usage at each network location and set thresholds to monitor usage and control costs.
  • Status alerts in real-time of potential network issues, including worm alerts, intrusion detection, unauthorized devices and more
  • Addresses operational complexity and cost inefficiencies associated with using traditional devices such as network routers, firewalls, switches on standard management platforms.
  • The networking system uses innovative proprietary signalling which has been granted a worldwide Patent;
  • Provides the ability for Customers to isolate their networks into various zones e.g. very sensitive / PCI and not so sensitive / office
  • Best of breed technology means the service won the 2012 UK Security Innovation of the Year Award and was the first networking service in the world to achieve Level 1 Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance. Very few services can boast this.
  • The MerchantSecure service enables businesses to balance agility and efficiency with network security management and PCI DSS compliance.

Upgrading to the MerchantSecure service can increase customer satisfaction, reduce costs, secure the business infrastructure, foster a better working environment and broaden service options. It’s a compelling opportunity for businesses and a great way to get the edge over your competition.

In short, it’s a simpler system that reduces costs, secures data and payment processes, increases security and staff productivity while improving the customer experience – improving the bottom line for business owners.

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