What happens when your Internet connection drops out? For many businesses, when the connection goes down, business grinds to a halt. Maintain network connections by automatically switching to high-speed mobile data if fixed-line networks go down.

The 6500 network appliances and the Central Management System support failover connections via 3G, offering a secondary connection that networks can “fail-over” to in case the primary fixed line goes down.

When the primary broadband Internet connection goes down, most payment systems revert back to a slower dial-up connection – meaning that businesses must continue to pay a monthly fee to keep their phone line just in case. Using 3G as a backup removes the ongoing cost of a leased dedicated phone line, and delivers faster backup connection speeds.

MerchantSecure appliances continuously check the health of their 3G connection, so that if the primary connection fails, the appliance can automatically switch over. When the primary line returns again, the device automatically switches back – along with all the VPNs.

In locations where fixed-line access is not available, or in more remote locations, appliances with 3G can be configured to operate solely by wireless network. All it takes is a SIM card and 3G connection, and your business is safe from intermittent outages.

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