Looking to reduce contact centre security and compliance costs?

Contact centre security and compliance costs continue to grow in Australia, be it due to the countries emerging privacy legislation or mandatory compliance with the latest version of the Payment Card Industries Data Security Standards (PCI DSS V3.0).

IP Solutions “Agent Secure” contact centre service can help any business (SMB to major corporates) with a credit card processing contact centre to significantly reduce the costs, complexity and lead times associated with security compliance.

The “Agent Secure” service addresses: 

√  The growing costs and complexity associated with in-house contact centre security compliance

√   Customer service and communication levels are enhanced

√   Leverages a 100% cloud based service which prevents credit card data from entering your contact centre

√   Guaranteed PCI DSS service compliance for the life of the service.

   Brand, customers and staff protection

   Negates the need to invest in additional call recording capabilities or payment gateway providers.

√   Significantly reduces the costs associated with contact centre security and security compliance.

The “Agent Secure” service is unique in Australia for the following reasons:

√   The service is 100% cloud based with all data flowing through state of the art facilities within Australia

√   Extremely cost effective compared to traditional security products

   The service has been independently certified as Level 1 PCI DSS security compliant

√   The cloud-based platform has been trusted by over fifty banks to process and securely store critical customer data

The “Agent Secure” service incorporates an ongoing PCI DSS service commitment with an elimination of credit card data contact centre service guarantee. You can read more on “Agent Secure” by downloading the research paper here.

To find out how our “Agent Secure” service can both reduce risk and add value to your existing customer engagement processes, contact us here. Alternatively, to have contact centre security updates sent directly to your inbox, click the subscribe box at the bottom of this page.

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