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Ensure every transaction is smartly directed to the most cost effective route with Dynamic Least Cost Routing by IPSI.


Discover how it is done.

Save costs on every transaction

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IPSI's Dynamic Least Cost Routing delivers savings on every transaction.

Transaction Cost Reduction: Real Saving is realised on every transaction.

Smart and easy: Routing decision is made based on dynamic data to ensure most cost optimised path.

Fast: Savings are instant with real time decision

Guaranteed: Availabilities of processing paths are evaluated in real time to ensure success of transactions.

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How does it work?

Follow these simple 3 steps to start enjoying the benefits of DLCR and DLCRaaS by IPSI 

Reach out to IPSI to evaluate how much you could save from Dynamic Least Cost Routing.

1. Evaluate

2. Set up

We'll guide you through a seamless set up process.

3. Enjoy the savings

Sit back and enjoy the savings realised from your every transaction.

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 powered by IPSI's dynamic platform

To deliver on the RBA’s preference for dynamic cost routing management capabilities, IPSI launched Dynamic Least Cost Routing service (DLCR), and Dynamic Least Cost Routing-as-a-Service (DLCRaaS).

DLCR & DLCRaaS are based on proprietary technology and work by capturing and evaluating the data associated with each card transaction at the checkout (online or in-store), to determine the least cost route for every transaction, every time, in real time.

IPSI's Dynamic Least Cost Routing is far more superior than the "Manual Routing" currently offered in the market. It is a testament to our commitments of solving customers' challenges with intelligent payment solutions. 


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