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Take call-based payments from your customers without the security, risk and compliance challenges.

Take payments securely. 
Anywhere, anytime.

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Take payments by phone, securely

Pebble enables businesses to take call centre and any phone-based payment securely. 

Pebble also provides more payment methods than just cards. 


No expensive and lengthy projects. Start taking phone payments now!

Pebble is integrated quickly and easily via API and without any telephony infrastructure integration which means that your call centre can start taking payments sooner.

Reduce cost and improve the experience, for everyone!

Traditional DTMF tone suppression and agent-assisted integrations can be extremely costly and offer clunky user experience for your team and your customers.


Pebble provides a simple solution to handling payments by phone without all the drama.

Achieve PCI DSS ver.4 Compliance now, not in 6+ months!

Keep your expensive technical resources focused on what's important to you. With IPSI ONE, it's done once and you can get on with more important things.

Taking payments by phone has never been easier.

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IPSI have been working with both large and small merchants for many years to enable them to securely handle card (and other) payments in call-based and call centre environments. 

De-scoping PCI DSS v4 compliance from your phone system can be costly and time consuming. Pebble enables merchants of all sizes to adopt a simple, easy to integrate call payment process without the headaches and costs of a length and expensive implementation project.

Adding the Pebble SMS payments solution to our call centre payment flow has not only meant that our call centre PCI DSS de-scoping project was completed in record time and at significantly less cost but we're seeing an uplift in call centre customer feedback and NPS.

Call Centre Manager

Experienced in simplifying complex payments challenges.

Pebble is powered by IPSI's EnterpriseSecure payments platform which has been developed off the back of 20 years' experience in working closely with large-scale, high-volume merchants and payments industry partners alike.

We've taken that experience and focused ourselves on building a better platform, a merchant-centric platform which enables ease of use, comprehensive capabilities and flexibility so you can do payments your way. 

One Integration, endless possibilities

If you need help with your other payment channels, with IPSI ONE, your business integrates once and can instantly enable all payment methods without additional effort. 

Let your consumers pay the way they want without impacting your product delivery timeline and resources.


If you want to find out more about IPSI's tokenised PayTo services, please contact us.

We look forward to hearing from you.


We will contact you shortly!

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