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Background About us

Simplifying payments

Streamlining payments, security and bank processing.

Our History

Our Story


The IPSI team have helped some of Australia’s largest companies and institutions to implement best-of-breed payment technology that bridges the gap between traditional payment products, the banks and companies’ unique requirements.


The rapid growth of digital commerce has meant that payment capability, PCI DSS compliance, cybersecurity and storage of sensitive data is a key consideration when assessing payment technology.

IPSI has been part of this growth, successfully providing highly flexible payment and data security solutions to enterprise-level clients for over 10 years. The IPSI team has managed some of Australia’s largest e-commerce and PCI DSS tokenisation projects in Australia. Services range from cloud-based payment processing, tokenisation services, contact centre payment solutions, flexible mobile & pay by phone (IVR) services, PII data scanning and storage to PCI DSS remediation solutions.

IPSI Pty Ltd
What we do
Payment solutions

We provide cloud-based, PCI DSS compliant payment & data security solutions.



At IPSI, we understand that customers are unique and they require solutions that have the flexibility to support their changing business needs – while ensuring security / PCI DSS compliance. We’ve managed some of Australia’s largest eCommerce and PCI DSS tokenisation projects, delivering high-levels of configuration and end-to-end support using locally based expertise. Customers benefit from an extensive range of highly flexible services which improve customer service, cash flow and operational savings while delivering strategic bank independence.


Our independence assures we’ll always recommend technology that is right for you.

PCI DSS Expertise

We are PCI DSS experts and know what you need to become and remain compliant.

Customer Service

Our responsive team take the time to understand your business and your unique requirements.

Who are we

Key reasons why you should join IPSI

Isn’t it nice when things just work? We think so.

Gain experience in one of the fastest-growing areas in FinTech

Payments technology is becoming key in the push for digital transformation and IPSI is at the forefront of this fast-growing industry.

Flexible working arrangements on offer in an idyllic Sydney location

IPSI provides employees with a flexible working environment based in the idyllic Jones Bay Wharf area in Pyrmont.

Join a team recognised for innovation and service excellence

IPSI has played a key role in driving innovation in payments, helping ASX Top 50 and Fortune 500 companies implement best-of-breed payment technology.


At IPSI we value, respect and care deeply about our people, partners and customers. Our people are at the heart of achieving the impossible. Together we inspire, motivate and support one another.


We constantly look to do things better: constantly learning and embracing changes which will improve our products, processes, and productivity.


Our actions produce value, they are time-efficient and positive in nature, facilitating the achievement of our team goals.


As empowered team members, we work together to ensure phenomenal service and solutions for the company and our customers.

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