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One Integration, 
Endless Possibilities.


We're all busy, now you can add new payment methods without re-integrating.

IPSI ONE allows customers to integrate once and enable additional payment methods without needing to disrupt your product development pipeline and resources.

IPSI ONE has not only meant that our payment gateway integration project was completed in record time but now the Marketing team can opt in for new payment methods anytime they like, without impacting the dev team or our already well-loaded product pipeline

SaaS Platform Vendor - Head of Digital

Get it done Once

Why should you have to integrate every time you want to add a new payment method or service?

IPSI ONE get's it done once and let's your team get onto more important things.


One Integration, many payment methods

Once the initial IPSI ONE payment integration is complete, additional payment methods can be added and up and running in no time.

Toggle on payment methods all with a single integration/

Instant Payments

With IPSI's PayTo integration combined with IPSI ONE, merchants can add instant payments and settlements to their customer shopping carts and user experience. All without the operational headaches.

Operational Efficiency

Keep your expensive technical resources focused on what's important to you. With IPSI ONE, it's done once and you can get on with more important things.

Payments without the technical headaches

IPSI's EnterpriseSecure platform has been developed off the back of 20 years' experience working with payment gateways and industry providers throughout APAC and globally. 

We've taken that experience and focused ourselves on building a better platform, a merchant-centric platform which enables ease of use, comprehensive capabilities and flexibility so you can do payments your way. 

One Integration; endless possibilities

With IPSI ONE, your business integrates once and can instantly enable all payment methods without additional effort. 

Let your consumers pay the way they want without impacting your product delivery timeline and resources.


If you want to find out more about IPSI's tokenised PayTo services, please contact us.

We look forward to hearing from you.


We will contact you shortly!

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