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Smart Routing

Discover IPSI's AI-Powered Smart Routing Service

Ai Powered: Automated, dynamic, Intelligent payment route decision making in less than 30 milliseconds

Ensure that your e-commerce payments never stop due to external link outages, faults or outages.

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Smart Routing enables us to de-risk our processing connectivity; where links are normally single points of failure. Smart Routing means that our card payments never stop due to unreliable links or external outages. Plus we get everything included in our platform SLAs!

Head of Digital - Australian based utility services

Reduce card processing costs


By intelligently managing your online transactions, IPSI allows you to unlock the competitive landscape of credit and debit card processing fees. DLCR provides your business with the most cost-effective processing route for every transaction, every time.

Reduce declines, drop-outs and abandoned carts

With Dynamic Least Cost Routing and Smart Routing combined, you're able to increase accepted payments and avoid declines. 

All payments are assessed and can be processed via the route which provides the best chance for successful payment capture.

Processing redundancy - Never miss a payment

IPSI Smart Routing enables link redundancy. Unlock the ability to process via multiple channels and not only reduce declines but handle processing link outages and banking connectivity faults without missing a payment. 


Where implemented as recommended, IPSI Smart Routing includes backend banking and switch links in the EnterpriseSecure platform SLA

99.99% Uptime SLA*

* Based on recommended multi-link routing solutions only

One Integration; endless possibilities

IPSI PayTo is offered as part of the IPSI ONE integration service. With IPSI ONE, your business integrates once and can instantly enable all payment methods without additional effort. 

Let your consumers pay the way they want without impacting your product delivery timeline and resources.


If you want to find out more about Dynamic Least Cost Routing, contact us.

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