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Discover IPSI Account-to-Account transfers, Instantly.

IPSI's NPP PayTo service enables merchants to achieve truly instant payment and settlement for once-off and recurring transactions while removing the integration effort.

- 15% 


Contact us, enable instant payments and receive no-cost setup*, and a 15% discount on transaction fees until 31st December 2024. 

*contact us for no-cost evaluation to confirm setup requirements. Standard setup is included at no charge. 

IPSI's approach to PayTo means that we can guarantee instant processing and settlement of once-off and recurring payments (Usually up to 24hrs), while the tokenised approach has meant that we were able to implement immediately and without any significant effort on our side; we run our monthly batches with cards and PayTo payments all at once. It's genius!

Health Industry Provider - Payment Services Manager

Avoid Fraud and Chargebacks

Replacing credit card payments with PayTo moves payment liability to the payers bank. This shift reduces disputes, fraud incidents and chargebacks.

Realtime Settlement

Leveraging IPSI's PayTo integration and NPP's real-time settlement capability means you’ll receive your funds instantly.


Improve cash-flow, minimise risk and get debtors off your back.

Instant Payment

IPSI's approach to PayTo means that you don't have to wait up to 24hrs for your transfer to arrive, and arrive without warning!

IPSI PayTo means that all once off and recurring transactions are processed instantly and on your preferred schedule.

Operational Efficiency

Unlock the ability to manage your consumer PayTo transactions alongside existing card payments via the use of IPSI's tokenised PayTo solution.

PayTo payments are included in daily, weekly or monthly batch processing so you can add PayTo without the integration headaches.


Address Fraud & Chargebacks with PayTo 

The value of card-not-present crime rose 7.8% to $478 million in 2019, and accounted for 85% of all credit card fraud.


Globally, merchants lose around 7.5% of revenue to chargebacks.

One Integration; endless possibilities

IPSI PayTo is offered as part of the IPSI ONE integration service. With IPSI ONE, your business integrates once and can instantly enable all payment methods without additional effort. 

Let your consumers pay the way they want without impacting your product delivery timeline and resources.


If you want to find out more about IPSI's tokenised PayTo services, please contact us.

We look forward to hearing from you.


We will contact you shortly!

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