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Developers Background


IPSI enables developers to deliver payment
services specific to their business

IPSI ‘s EnterpriseSecure platform is built on the premise that
no two merchants are the same. We don’t expect merchants to
conform to gateway standards.

  • Store as  much or as little data securely ( PII included ) that you require

  • Automated vast collection of meta data, i.e. browser info, language , location, operating system, browser version, platforms, batch id’s , caller id’s etc….

  • All data captured is reportable via IPSI Dashboard.

Data Capture

  • Object oriented transaction processing / data flows

  • As much or as little data required by the business to process a payment

  • 100% API transparency: No hidden applications (All IPSI services are available via API )

  • Complete and data rich response information i.e. all downstream id’s returned, complete desensitised card record returned.


  • Any payment transactions via API is also available via the batch process

  • Customisable

  • High throughout – over 100 transactions per second per merchant

  • Available via SFTP

  • Live batch status updates on demand

  • Live transaction responses via web hook


  • Unlimited amount of web hooks

  • Lightweight and versatile

  • Trigger your notification on any response data

  • Customisable to return as much or as little information as you need

Web Hooks

  • Any payment capability via API is also available via our payment pages / iFrames

  • Total control of iframes to the merchant via the IPSI iframe config editor. i.e Design, Save and Update payment pages in real-time

  • Complete post message support that allows for ongoing secure communication with the payment page throughout the entire payment journey

  • Any payment page design created by a merchant is able to be securely presented from IPSI PCI Compliant environment

  • Seamless Integration of your website – full control of the user experience


  • Any payment flow via API is also available via our virtual terminal

  • Customisable to fit business needs – i.e. add merchant specific validated fields, any transaction type etc

Virtual Terminal

  • Level 1 PCI DSS

  • Designed to support GDPR

  • Locally based.  No overseas card data handling

Security /


  • ​Architectured for scheme tokenisation


Our Service Model

Other gateways use the model “is the infrastructure up and is the application/service running?" IPSI operates on the model that if we can’t simulate a customer end to end within our service the service is not considered available. This means we run an API, iFrames, dashboard and other tests frequently and log the responses checking for not only the response time but also for the correct data being returned.

The Payment Gateway Designed
for The Enterprise

All IPSI products are modular with seamless integration. EnterpriseSecure is an API based payment gateway that uses a common API to underpin all payment services. The same functions and field names are available across all ingress points (Payment pages, Batches, IVR). This ensures a consistent request and response pattern for all transactions.

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