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Contact Centre Security & Compliance

By leveraging advanced cloud based technology the Agent Secure service is uniquely able to eliminate sensitive credit data from entering your call centre. Reduce PCI-DSS compliance costs while improving security, payment processing, customer service and communication.
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Achieving and Maintaining PCI DSS Compliance

Reduce The Cost, Risk & Complexity
PCI DSS Certified Internet, IVR, Call Centre & Mobile Solutions
Tokenisation & Card Scanning Services
Significantly reduce the cost, risk and lead times associated with achieving and maintaining security compliance. IP Solutions offers Level 1 PCI DSS compliance, end to end solutions, multi bank connectivity and enterprise grade processing.
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Flexible Payment

Unrivaled Flexibility, Experience & Expertise
Award Winning Technology
Strategic Bank Independence
IP Solutions bridges the gap between specific client requirements and traditional banking products. Customers benefit from excellent service, a high solution fit and improved customer service, cash flow and staff productivity.
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Find unprotected credit card data before
the criminals do with our free scan tool

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IP Solutions is a specialist provider of customised payment and data security services. Customers benefit from a diverse range of highly flexible solutions which are certified Level 1 PCI DSS Compliant. Services range from highly flexible end to end PCI DSS services which are used by some of Australia’s largest credit card processors to tailored industry solutions, contact centre security solutions and credit card data discovery tools. IP Solutions helps companies to protect their most important assets, their brand, their customers and their cash flow.

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